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Ace Attorney 5 Tidbits Revealed

For people who are psyched about Ace Attorney 5, we have some really exciting news.

It seems like the protagonist of Ace Attorney 4, Apollo Justice, will be making a comeback in the Ace Attorney 5. This was confirmed in the Famitsu Magazine and reported by SiliconEra. However, this time around for some reason Apollo has decided to dress up as a pirate in the court of justice. You can see his picture above.

Besides that, we have some information on the companion of the current main protagonist of the game, Phoenix Wright. His companion, named Kizuki Kokone, will have the ability to tell when people are lying. Apparently she can do this by listening to their heart beats.

Ace Attorney 5 has been confirmed for a western release on the 3DS. However, no firm date has been given yet.

Source: Eurogamer