4GB Patch Hits Aliens: Colonial Marines – Too Little Too Late?

Aliens: Colonial Marines has had a rough ride. It was critically panned after its long, six-year development cycle. After the wide-spread disgust with the game, the multiple studios, companies and developers, all took shots at each other, trying to shift the blame onto others.

There was even speculation and “inside information” that made it seem as if the long development time of the game was a result of Gearbox trying to milk SEGA for funds, so that they could make other games, like Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

Now, nearly a month later, when all the dust has settled, Aliens: Colonial Marines sees a huge, 4GB patch. Currently only available for PC, the patch tries to mend the games many flaws. First, the changes try to address the poor visuals to try to make the game look more like what the demos showcased. The patch also goes along ways in trying to make the AI more potent and ferocious.

While I admire [those who are trying to patch the holes in a sinking ship, most only question is, is this too little too late?

Source: Sega