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Thief 4 Can Be Ended Non-lethally, Surprise?

This will be more of a relief than a surprise for those of you who are long-time fans of the Thief series of games, but it’s possible for Garrett to go through the entire story campaign without killing a single person.

The Thief games have always focused more on stealth than on brute force, something which we haven’t seen a lot of in recent games (Dishonored is sort of an exception, but running and gunning in that game was a perfectly legitimate option).

They force you to use stealth as your main tool as Garrett can get quickly overwhelmed if he raises too many alarms. Sure he can fight off one or two guardsmen fairly quickly, but if he doesn’t slip back into the shadows quickly enough he can be put down like the taffer that he is.
According to Eidos Montreal:

Players will have multiple ways to approach their objectives and each objective can be reached using Garrett’s various tools, by exploring and by playing with your environment.

Each path comes with a set of challenges, encounters and looting opportunities. Difficulty options allow the experience to be scaled for hardcore fans of the original series, but to also let newcomers have a lot of fun. And yes, you can complete the game without killing anybody – Garrett is a Master Thief, not a killing machine!

The new Thief is slated for a 2014 release for the PC, PS4 and other next-gen consoles.

Source: Onlysp