Rumor: Phantom Pain Gets Another Mysterious Trailer

Another mysterious trailer has been released for Phantom Pain, the enigma that has continued to elude us since its debut at last year’s Video Game Awards.

Many have linked the title to Metal Gear but alas; these are just speculations, and nothing has been confirmed yet. The new trailer posted to Game Trailers provides another opportunity for mystery-solvers and conspiracy theorists to work their magic.

The video features live-action footage of a supposed operation room, or perhaps they’re just working in a lab so to speak. The user who posted the video is “JoakimMogren,” the supposed name of the studio head. It’s unknown as to who he really is. Fans put him to be Kojima himself, since the first word “Joakim” is an anagram for “Kojima.”

There is no certainty if this is a legit video or just fan-made. We’ll update you on the proceedings.