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Oculus Rift Won’t Support Doom 3 On Release

The virtual reality Oculus Rift kit will not have support for Doom 3 BFG Edition when it releases in the next couple of days.

Backers on Oculus’ Kickstarter page were informed today of the update and with it many dreams were crushed. I can’t think of any game more exciting to play in a virtual reality setup than Doom 3. Ah well maybe we’ll have our dream fulfilled in the near future.

Originally the backers were promised a free copy of the game as “an extra thank you”. With that no longer in the mix, the supporters now have a number of replacements to choose from.

They can opt for either a $20 Steam Wallet credit, a $25 Oculus Store credit to help purchase accessories and merchandise, or can ask for a full refund.

Those who supported the project can log into their Oculus Order Manager to choose the alternative that suits them.

The first line of Oculus Rift kits are confirmed to be released in the coming days.