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New Might And Magic Game Incoming

Well, it seems like that Ubisoft is ready to reveal new Might and Magic title at the PAX East event.

This was revealed on the official Might and Magic twitter, which tweeted the following tidbit:

By the way, there is a secret page having made its apparition on a M&M site. Can you find it and discover something new …?

Now this secret page was found by NeoGAF user Archie who posted the link to it in the following thread.

This secret page has on it the image seen above. The image is captioned with the following text:

Meet Us At PAX East

It has been a long time since a new Might and Magic game came out. The last entry in the Might and Magic series was released back in 2002.

PAX East is scheduled to take place next week. It will be held from the 22nd of March to the 24th.