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New League of Legends Champion Revealed – Zac

There is a new monster joining the League of Legends, straight from the depths of Zaun.

Zac was another Zaun experiment, created in a dark laboratory. However, he was rescued and eventually grew up to be a hero for the people of Zaun. Zac is quite unique in comparison with other champions, with a lot of AOE and self-healing abilities. He makes an ideal bruiser, whether clearing the jungle and helping out with ganks or trading blows in the top lane. Like most champions, Zac has 4 abilities and 1 passive.

Stretching strike is a two-handed punch that deals damage and slows targets in a line. Unstable Matter is an AOE ability where Zac explodes, damaging nearby enemies. Elastic Slingshot lets Zac dash towards enemies and immobilize them. Finally, his ultimate ability, Let’s Bounce, launches Zac in the air and he bounces a number of times dealing damage to nearby enemies.

His passive Cell Division is quite unique, it allows Zac to pick pieces of himself which spawn when he uses his abilities, picking up these pieces will heal him. Also upon dying, Zac splits up into pieces, when he reassembles, if he does, he gets a portion of his health back depending on how many pieces survive.

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