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Duke Nukem 2 Headed To iOS 6

Duke Nukem 2, the classic 2D shooter that was a starting point in the franchise, is coming to modern audience.

3D Realms has collaborated with Interceptor Entertainment to bring Duke Nukem 2 to the modern world and straight to iOS 6 Apple devices. The game is being re-released on the day of its 20th anniversary; it came out way back in 1993.

Everyone knows and loves the 3D Duke Nukem games, but the first two in the series were the real origins of Duke Nukem.

The game features 32 levels of enhanced 2D levels, adding touch-screen controls, new artwork and save/load options along with a replay capability and a leaderboard for the more competitive players.

Whether an android release would be possible in the future is still to be seen, but for now, Apple users can indulge in some nostalgia.