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Champions Online Welcomes The Harbinger!

Champions Online has a new 300 feet tall villain for its players to battle against. The 300 feet tall giant is named as the “Harbinger of the bleak ones.” Funnily enough, the character design for this villain looks exactly like the “Harbinger” from Mass Effect 2 game. Well, at least from the torso above it kind of looks similar.

Naturally, creating a character of these epic proportions came with more than a few headaches. The devs have posted a whole article detailing the creation process of this character. Here is an extract from it:

The sheer size of it meant that in an early test version the Kraken would go out of combat if you flew up to its head because you were “out of range” of its origin point (at the feet) – even though you were right next to it.
Another issue that we found was that we weren’t doing a good job of signaling to the player what was happening.

The Harbinger was introduced as a part of Lemurian Invasion story arc.

Champions Online was released Sept, 1, 2009, for Windows PC.