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Bungie Confident About Destiny Server Performance During Launch

Despite the anger and unhappy customers that emerged in the aftermath of SimCity’s poor launch, Bungie is not worried about their Destiny servers being over-burdened during release.

As a part of the ‘Ides of Mail Sack’, the developer replied to a concerned commenter regarding the matter, saying:

“This isn’t our first rodeo. Bungie is no stranger to anxious mobs of players who rush home after a midnight launch and put our best-laid plans to the test. Since a release date hasn’t even been announced yet, we’ll let our team focus on some less frightening but equally important challenges.”

Skeptics would still feel a little hesitant following the failure of SimCity’s always-online system, but Bungie’s claims are backed by a long running streak of success with their formidable Halo series, which also has a large multiplayer following.

Destiny is set to be a shared-world shooter, meaning that players will require to always be online while playing. The game is said to be ‘social and cooperative’, with a long-running character development system that allows users to ‘grow them over time’.

The Mail Sack also hinted the possibility of playing as an alien, though they weren’t willing to give a full-confirmation.

“Not all of the aliens in Destiny are evil, just like not all humans are good. We’ve barely scratched the surface on the character and customization options you’ll have access to in Destiny, but we’re not going to dig in any deeper today.”

Destiny is Bungie’s first major project after the immensely successful Halo games. The title is expected to arrive in 2014 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The game’s preorder page however suggests the possibility of the game to arrive on the PC, Wii U, PS Vita, and Xbox 720 as well.