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Riot Manages to Gather $36,059 in its Fundraiser

Riot has announced its fundraiser to have ended with twice the amount it initially asked for.

The 8-bit riot simulator originally had asked for $15000 but with the help of 1,942 contributors it managed to end up with more than double of that, that is $36,059. Of these, eight people donated $500 while 841 backers contributed $15.

A part of these funds will help the game’s developers to travel to areas in Greece, Egypt and Russia to document live riots. The game is inspired by real-life conflicts and will try to provide a view of both sides. Players will have the option to either control a crowd of protestors or the defending police officers.

The game is being developed for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya. A release date has so far not been announced.