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Unveiling Of Battlefield 4 At GDC Is Now Official

There has been a lot of that Electronic Arts would reveal Battlefield 4 at the upcoming GDC event. Well, as it turns out, the wide spread speculation has just been confirmed by EA.

Invites have been sent out, for the March 26th unveiling of Batlefield 4 at the Game Developers Conference. I for one am truly excited to see what Battlefield 4 will end up being. An avid fan of BF3, I hope the sequel won’t turn the series into what the Call of Duty franchise has become, frequent installments with minor to no changes in game play.

I’m also interested in seeing what graphical and performance enhancements, there may, or may not be in the next installment of the Battlefield series. For BF3, there was a huge disparity between the performance and visuals of the PC and Console versions of the game. With BF4 being geared towards next-generation gaming, will Consoles simply get to experience what PC gamers have, or will DICE go the extra mile, and continue their trend of a superior PC experience?