Promotional Image for Battlefield 4 Surfaces

A promotional image for Battlefield 4 has surfaced which shows a soldier in the familiar color scheme of Orange / Blue running through the rain accompanied by tanks and other heavily armored vehicles following him. This probably has to be related to the upcoming Battlefield 4 reveal that EA has planned for March 26th and is already in the process of inviting many members of the press.

The following image is courtesy of AllGamesBeta)

The ticket is no doubt part of the promotional image because you can see that the both of them share a lot of similarities.

As you can see, the images do share an uncanny resemblance and of course are very enticing, especially when the ticket is inviting the participants to “celebrate a new era of Battlefield“.

I have high hopes that Battlefield 4 would definitely be making its way to the PlayStation 4 since Ubisoft has already announced Watch_Dogs and Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag for the PlayStation 4 along with PlayStation 3, it would be very foolish of EA not to follow suit on the same path.

Source: Polygon