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Maxis GM Answers The “Always Connected” Question

You may have caught the interview yesterday with Maxis’ General Manager Lucy Bradshaw and her amazing ability to dodge questions.  Well today, Ms. Bradshaw took to EA’s blog to finally answer the question of why the game must always be connected to the net to work.

The answer: “It didn’t fit with our vision.”

“So, could we have built a subset offline mode? Yes. But we rejected that idea because it didn’t fit with our vision. We did not focus on the ‘single city in isolation’ that we have delivered in past SimCities. We recognize that there are fans – people who love the original SimCity – who want that. But we’re also hearing from thousands of people who are playing across regions, trading, communicating and loving the Always-Connected functionality. The SimCity we delivered captures the magic of its heritage but catches up with ever-improving technology.”

She goes on to say that there are a number of important things that your game uploads to the servers, while it’s always connected, that help increase the feel and gameplay of your city.  Some of which are commendable, like making sure the leaderboards are free of cheaters, while others seem meaningless; I’m looking at you “giving gifts to other players”.

It’s tough to say if her quote about thousands of people enjoying the “always connected” aspect is true but it’s also hard to argue with such a large and vocal internet mob who despises it.

Here’s hoping EA and Maxis can get this whole mess sorted out and we can get back to just enjoying digital city management.

Source: Game Informer