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Magitek Armor Making A Comeback In Final Fantasy 14

Hold on to your nostalgia pants, kids! 

According to the game’s official website, you’ll be able to jump into the cockpit of everyone’s favorite magic powered mech from Final Fantasy VI.  This awesome nod to Final Fantasy lore will be available in the upcoming revamped re-release of Final Fantasy XIV, titled A Realm Reborn

You can head over to the game’s official blog site to check out some of the in game screenshots, as well.  While these are still in the prototype stage, the designs have been approved, so they won’t look much different when you finally get your hands on them.

I’m sure any long time fans of Final Fantasy can appreciate what the Final Fantasy XIV team is trying to do here and we’re all looking forward to what other wonderful surprises this new re-vamp has in store for us.

So what do you guys think about the inclusion of Magitek Armor in the new MMO?  Will it persuade you to join the community?

Source: Polygon