Bioshock Infinite TV Ad Shows Heroism at Its Finest

Bioshock Infinite is mere few days away from its release date and its safe to say that the game has been in long wait for the fans, there are many things to look forward to and after delay upon delay, and the constant struggles that the game has gone through to reach THIS point of release is truly something to admire.

The latest TV Advertisement shows the games protagonist, Booker DeWitt, looking at Elizabeth through a sniper rifle scope as she is about to be hanged and of course comes to her rescue, he uses the skyhook and his supernatural powers to bring himself to the damsel in distress and manages to take down a handy man without breaking a sweat. If only the real were actually this easy.

The relationship between Booker and Elizabeth is a truly magical one, Elizabeth won’t be just another escort mission but will, in fact, play a vital role in the game by helping Booker throughout Columbia. If anything she will be the most essential part of your journey, so I highly recommend you don’t take her lightly.

P.S: In case any of you were wondering, the song in the trailer is “Beast – Nico Vega.”