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Wii U Continues to Have Disappointing Sales

Even though Wii U had released with many innovations that truly made it stand out against its competitors it seems that it just doesn’t have the magic which made original Wii popular. The latest NPD numbers look very bleak as the console sells a meager 66,000 units in February and only 57,000 the month before.

Meanwhile a 7 year old console Xbox 360 managed to sell a whooping 302,000 Units while the PlayStation 3 sold 263,000 units.

In the same month, Wii-U had some disappointing numbers despite being a newer console, newer titles and of course features, the dismal 66,000 Units for the Wii-U truly show that Nintendo is in big trouble.

There is still some hope for the console though as the coming months might be more generous. I pray that Nintendo figures out a way to increase the sales of this amazing console before the numbers get even more disappointing.

For now, I am hoping that the console can make a recovery otherwise developers might be discouraged to come to the Wii-U, it would be a shame if such a magnificent console were not to get the proper attention it deserves in the distant future.

Source: NeoGaf Forums