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TimeSplitters Rewind Supported By Crytek, Details Revealed

Remember TimeSplitters? A FPS before Call of Duty took the world by storm? If so, then we have some good news for you. There is a new non-commercial HD TimeSplitters title called TimeSplitters Rewind which will combine all three TimeSplitter games. It seems the team behind the project is in full collaboration with Crytek. Project Manager Michael Hubicka in an interview with, said that the team works with Crytek as often as possible.

The project of course started last year where a fan made TimeSplitters game was green-lit and gained a lot of support. TimeSplitters Rewind is the result of that initiative and the game will aim to combine the best of all three TimeSplitters, including some of the staff and possibly voice actors as well, into a CryEngine 3 rendered HD re-imagining. This means that the characters and the feel of TimeSplitters will be maintained, all the while, making full use of CryEngine 3’s amazing capabilities.

The developers have Crytek’s support, but it is till to be seen whether Crytek is willing enough for a console version. The title will focus on challenges and multiplayer mode and a singleplayer might come if Crytek sees potential.

Read the full interview with much more details here.