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Samsung Gamepad Looks Just Like The Xbox 360 Controller

It seems that Samsung’s latest iteration of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, features a first-party game controller accessory that looks eerily similar to the Xbox 360 controller.

As you can see above, the controller itself is made of shiny white plastic with bright, candy-colored buttons labeled X, Y, A and B. The joysticks are even in the same place as the Xbox controller! The device is powered by two triple A batteries that can be inserted in the back.

It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth technology and there is even a slidable clamp near the top that you can pull out and fit the Samsung S4 into to basically turn the whole ensemble into a handheld.

Again, no pricing or details at this point, but it certainly felt nicer than your average Bluetooth controller. And, hopefully, that it’s made by Samsung means we’ll see widespread support.