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Resident Evil 6 X Left 4 Dead 2 Crossover DLC Announced

If you needed another reason to buy Resident Evil 6 on the PC aside from the improved visuals and other enticing bonuses, then how would you react if I told you that the survivors of Left 4 Dead are now playable characters in the game? I kid you not.

You can now play as Rochelle, Coach, Ellis and Nick have joined the cast of Resident Evil 6’s PC exclusive game, Mercenaries No Mercy, but the characters aren’t the only new additions as we will also see the addition of a mini tank and even the infamous “Witch” of the series. While Left 4 Dead 2 heroes are joining the good guys in Resident Evil 6, we will also see the latter game’s infected make a special appearance in Left4Dead 2.

This is definitely a treat for anyone who is a fan of the zombie apocalypse games, a fan such as myself who is a fan of Resident Evil & Left 4 Dead sees this as a dream come true! And definitely something that will encourage them to buy the other game that they didn’t already own (Although it is rare to hear someone who doesn’t own Left 4 Dead 2 on steam).

Currently, the crossover DLC is going for the super-low price of $0.00! So you needn’t to worry about it coming as a “DLC” for either of the games, and you should definitely polish up your zombie killing skills for either of the games if you are to become a true zombie slayer!