Pokemon Rumble U to Launch with Seven NFC Compatible Figurines

According to a new trailer, Pokemon Rumble U will launch for the Wii U alongside seven near-field communication compatible Pokemon figurines.

Six of those figurines have been confirmed to be Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Piplup, Lucario, Torchic and Victini, while the last one remains unnamed. According to CoroCoro magazine though the seventh figurine is going to be a rare one and will be available in limited quantities.

All of these can be purchased from capsule machines located at Pokemon Centers in Japan for 200 yen or $2 apiece. Nintendo will also be selling a unique case to hold all seven figures and that will cost you an extra 780 yen or $5.

Those wondering whether there will be another set of Pokemons to collect should be satisfied knowing that a second set has been hinted by the Pokemon Company to be released after the game launches.

Players can place the figures on the Wii U Gamepad’s NFC reader and that will transfer the Pokemons into the game for battle – pretty nifty.

So are these characters exclusive? No. Players can still capture them in-game but at a price. Captured Pokemons cannot have their abilities upgraded. However, those that you spawn with the figurines can be trained and given power boosts using in-game coins.

Pokemon Rumble U will be available in Japan on March 24 as the first Wii U title to utilize the console’s NFC feature.