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Deciphering God of War: Ascension Secret Codes, New God of War Inbound!

God of War series has a history of including hidden and cryptic messages in the games. For example, in the original God of War on the PS2, there were hidden phone numbers in the game. Now, if you called these numbers, it resulted in a recorded message being played by none other than Kratos himself.

It seems like Sony Santa Monica Studios is continuing this tradition in the latest installment of the God of War games, God of War: Ascension. However, this time around it is a secret cryptic message which points to the future of God of War franchise.

Now the hidden message we will be discussing in this guide is located in Chapter 6 of the game, The Cistern. In this chapter, there is a side room with a giant painting of Mt. Olympus. Interacting with the painting causes a weird message to pop up:

Of all the prophecies I have seen, this one haunts my dreams.
The full truth of this nightmare yet remains hidden. – Aletheia

Now if you go to the options’ menu and change the language of the game, the string of letters will also change accordingly. However, note that whichever language you choose the first three and last three letters remain the same. French is the only exception, but in French too the first 6 and last six letters are the same.


Now cleverer people than me have managed to make some sense of this message. In simple English it translates to:


You may think this is another string of random words now in plain English. Well, then let me enlighten you with knowledge about Mithras.

Mithras is a part of Indo-Iranian mythology. He was born from a rock, served a Sun God, slayed a bull, brought life to humanity, kept lions as pet and oh yeah he was also a GOD OF WAR in the Zoroastrian Mythology.

Could it be that Santa Monica Studios is discreetly telling us the identity of its new protagonist? Could it be that this Mithras fellow will headline the new God of War game on the PS4. The little clues we have gathered so far do seem to arrive at this conclusion.

There is another theory flying around that this message means God of War will now be set in the Egyptian mythology. ‘Sun Bird’ may refer to Ra, Egyptian Sun God with the head of a falcon. Both bulls and lions are considered sacred animals in the very old Egyptian culture.

One thing is for sure all signs point towards a new setting and protagonist in the next God of War game. So, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.