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Dust 514: Conquer and Control Planets With New Update Later This Year

A posting on Dust 514’s official blog speaks of an upcoming update which will allow players to conquer and colonize other planets. Scheduled for release later this year, control of other planets will help players gather resources and funds for corporations.

The developer blog then speaks of industrial zones being setup on conquered planets, which in turn offers 5-24 different districts. These can be upgraded by installing cargo hubs, production facilities and research labs. These installations will provide one of the following bonuses:

  • Cargo Hub: Provides a 50% bonus to clone storage
  • Production Facility: Provides a 50% bonus to clone production
  • Research Lab: Provides a 50% bonus to clone travel efficiency

Battles with rival corporations will take place around these structures and a good defensive strategy is necessary to protect them. Pilots playing in Eve Online will also be able to provide extra combat support while in orbit around the planet.

Dust 514 went into open beta in January, and is currently available for download via the PlayStation Network.

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