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Civilization 5: Brave New World Expansion Releases This Summer

Publisher 2K Games has announced a second expansion pack for Civilization 5 called Brave New World. The said pack will be released this summer and will bring international trade routes, a new world congress, a new culture victory condition and more.

Let’s start with the latter; Overlords can achieve victory if they meet a new cultural condition. That is being the world’s dominant culture and influencing every other civilization out there.

If culture bores you then perhaps you’d want to achieve a diplomatic victory. For this purpose you’ll have to get into the World Congress and take part in voting and passing resolutions. Perhaps you’d want to DE-nuclearize an enemy faction, that is what’s happening in the real world right now ain’t it?

Trade routes help you connect with other civilizations and in turn spread your religion, culture and science.

Additionally the second expansion pack will also feature eight new Wonders, nine new civilizations and two new scenarios.