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Battlefield 4 Box Art and Other Media To Appear Later Today?

It appears that there is some strong speculation to support that Battlefield 4 might be getting its box art and teaser trailer revealed today.

Battlefield 3 Premium players are being invited to see an exclusive video that will enable them to earn an exclusive dog tag proclaiming that “I Was There” not to mention that the supposed box art had leaked its way to the internet courtesy of a Battlefield 3 Premium user going by the Alias of 32bitav, which has now been removed by OXM.

Here is also the aforementioned Dog Tag that players will earn from watching the upcoming trailer.

As mentioned in the source, a poster over at Battlefieldo has come to suggest that he has personally seen the box art and has even gone on to describe the box art in detail as best as he could.

Let’s hope for the best and see if the truth really does hold up. I am curious to see as to whether or not we can really anticipate Battlefield 4 later today.

Source: VG24/7