TERA’s Player Base Doubles Up After Free-to-Play

TERA’s fortunes have changed ever since the game transferred to Free to Play (F2P) model.

Normally, you associate the adapting of F2P model by a MMORPG as one of its last gasps. However, the opposite seem to be true in TERA’s case. When the game adopted the F2P model last month, I don’t think anyone would have been able to predict this would happen.

Since converting to the F2P model TERA has managed to increase its player base from 500000 to more than one million. That is double the amount of people playing TERA when you compare it to the last month’s figures.

In fact, the increment of new gamers playing the game has been so much that it has caused Gamerforge to open up six new servers to accommodate all new players.

The best part of this news is that Gamerforge controlled the insane amount of increased player quite amicably. There has been no outcry from gamers about outages or anything of that sort unlike some games we know, cough*SimCity*cough

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