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Guild Wars 2 Culling Will Be Eliminated In The Next Patch

ArenaNet are very happy to announce that the Guild Wars 2 culling that all of you know and hate will be completely gone from World vs. World gameplay as of March 26th.

Culling, which is the act of not rendering certain models when a large number of players are on the screen, is used to make the load on the network and on the machine that is running the game a bit lighter. It’s also rather detrimental in large-scale WvW combat, as entire platoons of enemy player forces can be made completely invisible.

In a new developer blog, Programmer Habib Loew discussed the new changes to culling and rendering settings slated for release with Guild Wars 2’s March 26th update, Flame & Frost: The Razing. With the update, ArenaNet will be turning off the culling feature completely, allowing players to see all of what’s on the battlefield rather than just some of it.

Of course, this means that some systems and internet connections will be pushed to the limits. Fortunately, a new series of graphical options will be added for WvW, that will allow players to manage the huge amount of new players expected to appear on their screens. You can choose from high-resolution regular models, lower-resolution placeholders or nameplates only, as well as set up filters to mix the three.

Source: GuildWars2