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God of War Ascension: Future Patch to Reduce Difficulty of Trials of Archimedes

If you’ve been playing God of War: Ascension, then chances are that you’ve gone through a period of rage at one particular part of the game – The Trial of Archimedes.

In the Trial of Archimedes players go up against three waves of enemies with no checkpoints. The enemies in these waves are in great numbers and they hardly drop any health orbs. Many players, as well as game reviwers have tweeted about it being a bit too hard. One said that he spent “nearly three hours (or more) trying to beat it.”

Todd Papy, the lead developer on Ascension has now confirmed that a future patch will reduce the difficulty of the said trials.

That said, perhaps you’d want to go through our list of guides for Ascension. We all know how important it is to collect all those pesky Phoenix Feathers.