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Sleeping Dogs: Year Of The Snake Trailer

Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC is now available. Year of the Snake expands upon the story of Sleeping Dogs, bringing new police missions that take place after the main game. There will also be four new Achievements and Trophies featured in Year of the Snake.

In Year of the Snake, we pick up where we left off with the story of Wei Shen has he returns to the Hong Kong Police Department just in time to bump heads with a doomsday cult that is taking over the Hong Kong streets. Shen finds himself in a race against time as he attempts to stop the cult in the midst of their murderous rampage before Judgement Day.

New weapons include a tear gas launcher and electroshock pistol. There are also new outfits to choose from, as well as new abilities.

Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake is available now for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC for 560 Microsoft Points, or $6.99.