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PS Vita 3G On Sale, Might Be Discontinued

Sony stores throughout the US have significantly dropped the price of the 3G model of PS Vita and some retailers even say that the model is coming to an end.

The 3G model comes with an 8 GB memory card and a voucher for a free game as well. It is being sold at a price of $199.97 whereas it originally cost $299.99, that is around a $100 decrease. Even the model without 3G support, which isn’t on sale anymore, cost $249.99.

Joystick covered the news, contacting various Sony retailers to get to the source of this development. Employees at Denver, New Jersey and Las Vegas claimed that the model was being discontinued with the Denver employee adding that the sale would go on indefinitely.

An employee at the Seattle retailer, however, said the sale would only last till Sunday. Furthermore, not all stores have the sale, while the online retailers are selling it for $249.99, the same price as the model without 3G.