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God of War: Ascension Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Badboy! Trophy Guide

The ’Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Badboy!’ Trophy requires you to do a 1000 hit combo. This is one of the hardest trophies you can unlock in God of War: Ascension. However, its difficulty is what makes it all the way more attractive and appealing to the die-hard God of War fans.

There are several methods by which you can unlock this trophy. Some of the methods will require no time at all to unlock this trophy but for them you will need to display true skill. There are also methods which are far less difficult but also require far more time.

Regardless of that, we have got all bases covered. In this guide we will tell multiple ways of varying difficulty curves by which you can unlock this trophy. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started.

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Method #1
You will need a fully upgraded magic meter and a fully upgraded set of Zeus’ lightening blades. After acquiring those you need to go to chapter 25 of the game, ‘The Furnace.’ Progress through the chapter until you are trapped between two huge bowls pouring flames. At this point foes will begin to swarm Kratos.

Start your attack with the Fire of Ares, combine a combo and then switch to the Lightening blades. With the lightening blades activate the magic attack and keep it activated until it ends. When the magic meter is finished switch back to the Fire of Ares and use the L1 + Square move until your magic meter fills up again.

Once it does equip the Lightening blades again and unleash the magic attack again. Repeat this process a couple of times to get a combo consisting of 1000 hits.

Method #2
Go to the beginning of Chapter 19: The Foot of Apollo. There you will see a rock that Kratos needs to push. Instead of pushing the rock begin to attack it with your Lightening Blades. You can use the L1 + Square move to eventually string together a 1000 hit combo. This method takes a few minutes but gets the job done.

Method #3
You can acquire this trophy right at the beginning of the game, when you have to face a Satyr. Kick the Satyr and try to push it into the corner and you can keep it there trapped for 15 minutes. Every kick will count towards your 1000 hit combo.

If you have patience and a lot of spare time on your hands then go for this method.