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Drakengard 3 For PS3 Announced

I honestly don’t know whether to jump for joy or remain a cold cynic for this bit of news, but for what it’s worth, Drakengard 3 has been announced for the Playstation 3.

From what we know of the game, it features two main characters. The protagonists, are named Zero and One and are sisters. Zero and One are both Utautai – “songstresses” – who can use magic via music. The two sisters have different skillsets. Zero has a flower in place of one of her eyes and a prosthetic arm, and is said to be reckless. One is more serious and intellectual.

What makes this announcement a bit of a nail biter is the fact that the developer of the previous games ‘Cavia’ is no more. Cavia was disbanded after their last game ‘Nier’ and the personnel all scattered with the four winds.

However, it seems that Square Enix has managed to find some of the old guard and brought them back to work on the game. Nier and Drakengard 1 director Taro Yoko will reprise his role and also serve as the scenario creator. Character design comes courtesy of Drakengard 1 and The Last Story artist Kimihiko Fujisaka. Nier composer Keiichi Okabe will provide the soundtrack. Finally, Drakengard 1 producer Takamasa Shiba returns for the third entry in the same role.

The studio that these people will be working with is Access Games, the people that worked on Deadly Premonitions and Lord of Arcana. Square Enix has not set a release date for Drakengard 3.

Source: AllGamesBeta