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Valve Has No Involvement in Xi3 Piston Steam Box

Last year Valve was reported to have begun some ‘exploratory work with Xi3’ but today a representative suggested that Valve no longer endorses the Piston Steam Box.

Contrary to popular belief, Valve had not backed the Piston Box but did have some dealings with Xi3 Corporation. Valve’s Doug Lombardi told Eurogamer, “Valve began some exploratory work with Xi3 last year, but currently has no involvement in any product of theirs.”

Xi3, a third-party console vendor announced today the details for their Piston console. The most surprising bit was to learn that the box will be released with a price tag of $1000. Though you can save $100 if you pre-order before March 17. The Piston Steam Box will be released around Christmas time.

That box itself is boasted to be a micro-sized PC, capable of integrating with Steam while running on the TV like a regular console. There are three different models: the standard one starts at $1000 and comes with 12GB internal SSD storage. Increasing that to either 256GB or 512GB will cost you $1,340 and $1,750 respectively. Other than that, the Piston features 8gb RAM and a 3.2Ghz Quad Core (R464) processor.

Valve on the other hand is already working on its very own Steam Box, which the firm has said will be more affordable than the Piston Box.