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The Elder Scrolls Online ‘Ask Us Anything’ Addresses Combat

Bethesda keeps revealing little by little of The Elder Scrolls Online in their bi-weekly Ask Me Anything question and answers. The closed beta is still on-going, but no big spoilers have been revealed other than what Bethesda decides to tell us.

Today’s question and answers concerns the combat system. Fans have submitted a lot of questions regarding the technical as well as general mechanics of the combat system. Some of the questions asked concerned the soft locking mechanic in combat, the holy trinity of combat, the XP system in the PvP and much more.

According to the answers, the holy trinity will definitely be a viable approach but it won’t be the only approach. The vast array of abilities can compliment each other in more than one way.

There are a lot of answered questions about the targeting system, the armor and how characters will be balanced. Read the full details here.