PlanetSide 2: New Roadmap Video Details March Updates

A new PlanetSide 2 video has been released as part of a running Roadmap series, which informs us of changes being made in the MMO shooter later this month.

To start off, players with memberships to PlanetSide 2 will now receive more certification points per day. The amount earned depends on what membership level you attain, ranging from copper (lowest) to Auraxium (highest).

A secondary passenger seat behind the driver has been added to the Flash vehicle. Players sitting in the secondary seat will be able to use all weapons and items, except for deployables. Additionally, the Flash vehicle now has a new cloaking ability as well which will help grant you temporary invisibility when you’re in Infiltrator mode.

A drag-and-drop feature has been added to the Platoon Management window to help players organize their members with ease; Empire players get three new rocket launchers and more. Check the video above for the complete run-down.