God of War: Ascension World Weapons Locations Guide

In the new God of Wars: Ascension, you don’t get to play with all those fancy toys that Kratos was busy collecting in the previous two games. Instead, you’re given your conventional good ol’ Blades of Chaos, and then an option to collect a set of hunk-a-junk average weapons, to be used as your secondary arsenal.

These weapons are called ‘World Weapons’, simply because they are used by the ‘normal’ fellows in the world. As Kratos progresses in his brutal journey of flesh and blood, he can disarm enemies to use these weapons, or collect them from here and there if he likes.

Of course, these just serve as temporary weapons, and can be discarded any time. By doing so, Kratos throws the weapon at an enemy to stun them. Sweet!

There are five types of World Weapons in total, and each one has a slightly different purpose:

  • Sword
  • Spear
  • Club
  • Shield
  • Sling

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Finding World Weapons
As stated earlier, the singleplayer is filled with these weapons, and you’ll often come across them quite a lot. Apart from that, Kratos can snatch these weapons for specific enemies. A nice little video exampling the few locations of these weapons was released by PowerPyx, which is embedded above.