God of War: Ascension Artifacts Locations Guide – No Drake. You Can’t Have These!

God of War: Ascension has come with a whole slew of collectibles for the Ghost of Sparta to find, and, as always, here we are with another guide to assist you in locating all of them. This guide will deal with the ‘Artifacts’ collectible.

They look like small, white glowing spots on the ground and can be collected in any order through the stage select menu. If you collect all ten of them, you are awarded the ‘No Drake. You can’t have these.’ gold trophy.

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God of War: Ascension Artifacts Locations

Artifact #1: Prisoners Oath Stone – (Chapter 2: The Sewers)
Location. After you leave the sewers in this level you will need to climb a wall and pull a lever. As soon as you do Kratos is ambushed by a number of Goat Warriors. Check the room where the Goat Warriors emerge from to find this Artifact in the corner.

Artifact #2: Circe’s Vial – (Chapter 5: Village of Kirra)
Location. After a battle with two Elephant Warriors (Juggernauts) you will come to two paths. One leads straight ahead and one to the right. Take the right path to its end to come to a movable cage. Jump on the cage and then double jump to the balcony to the right. The Artifact is found in the room on the balcony.

Artifact #3: Oracle Seeker’s Offering – (Chapter 9: Ice Caverns)
Location. There will be a short cutscene in this chapter where you will see a huge tower with three pylons inside be activated (the three pylons will start crackling with electricity). Climb into the tower and go down. You will spot the Artifact in your path before long.

Artifact #4: Aletheia’s Charm – (Chapter 11: Delphi Catacombs)
Location. Hard to not run into this. There will be a segment where you swing a suspended platform back and forth to jump onto a huge hourglass. Just in front of you will be a throne, and to its right is the Artifact, on the ground.

Artifact #5: Boat Captain’s Idol – (Chapter 15: The Grotto)
Location. Past an enemy ambush and a door locked with ice, there will enter a long swimming section, leading into underwater paths. Along the path when you are in the section which is basically a side scroller, there will be an option to go up or down. Go down and keep a sharp eye on the floor to see this Artifact sparkling on the sea floor.

Artifact #6: Orko’s Cloak – (Chapter 16: Prison of the Damned)
Location. Right after the cutscene where a flying, masked figure says to Kratos “There is something you value more than ambition!” and flies off, turn around and look behind the rocks near the locked door to find this Artifact.

Artifact #7: Stonemason’s Chisel – (Chapter 21: Forearm of Apollo)
Location. When you get to the point where you are stuck on the elevator and have to vaporize the guy holding the lever to rise, you will see the area’s name flash on the screen. Go to the right and towards the screen to find this Artifact.

Artifact #8: Archimedes’ Treatise – (Chapter 23: The Furnace)
Location. When you finally get to the point with Archimedes’ corpse on a worktable, look left for three treasure chests. There are several glowing spots here but the one that’s most important is the one next to the chests.

Artifact #9: Statue Worker’s Idol – (Chapter 23: The Furnace)
Location. Wait until the end of the massive lift sequence. After pulling back the pin to open the shutter revealing a bright light, look in the back left corner of the platform.

Artifact #10: Antikythera Mechanism – (Chapter 28: Trial of Archimedes)
Location. After completing the Combat Trial, return through the massive portal and the entire section will lower. After the elevator stops you will find the final Artifact in the center of the room.

If you find something missing, let us know and we will help you out.

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