EVE Online Launcher Switching To BitTorrent

CCP Games, developer of EVE Online, has announced an update to the game’s launcher. The developers are planning to switch from the HTTP protocol based launcher to one based on the BitTorrent protocol. The update will patch the game to make use of the BitTorrent protocol which will improve the data transmission required by the games huge database of player files.

CCP developer “Aporia” made clear the concerns of data corruption while transferring this quantity of data. Using BitTorrent is the solution according to Aporia and will enable more features such as the ability to start playing while the game is being installed. Blizzard was given as an example of using such features in their games. As for the widespread concern amongst the players about the BitTorrent using up additional bandwidth by sharing files, CCP also addressed it:

“By default the new Eve Launcher will only make you share the data required for installing the client while you are downloading. Once your download is complete you will not be distributing it to others, unless you explicitly enable this in the options.”

“We are also, by default, limiting the upload rate so that it should not affect your normal internet usage.”

By the developer’s statements it seems that players don’t need to be concerned about BitTorrent eating up bandwidth in file sharing either.