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Command & Conquer Outlines Paid Content, Players Won’t “Pay To Win”

Victory Games have outlined their plans of purchasable content in the free-to-play Command & Conquer game. General manager Jon van Caneghem specifically stated that their micro-transaction model will ensure players don’t “pay to win.”

“It’s our goal to give players full access to a fun RTS game with no barrier to entry,” van Caneghem said in a blog post. “All factions, units, maps, and game modes will be available to everyone from the start.”

The purchasable content will include cosmetic and visual customizations; boosters to help you level up faster and alternative generals.

If you recall from the previous games, Generals act as sub-factions in the game. Each ‘General’ focuses on one aspect of fighting, with unique abilities and units. Van Caneghem gave an example of an air-force general who boasts stronger and faster air units.

Unique abilities may include calling in air-strikes and such. The ground units of the air-force general will be weaker and another General might have a stronger ground unit, while being weaker in the air. He insists they’re “all balanced against each other” though.

Command & Conquer will release for the PC later this year.