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Black Ops 2: Microtransactions to Hit Xbox 360 Tomorrow

A surprising announcement is that micro-transactions are making their way to the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Activision calls the optional in-game purchases ‘Micro Items’ and will go live tomorrow on the Xbox 360, while other platforms will get the update at a later date.

According to the firm’s social media manager Dan Amrich, the Micro Items will contain “either personal customizations or nice little luxuries that I’ve seen players request; none of them affect gameplay, but they are small, specific ways to enhance your online experience.”

Personalization Packs
Like dress-up for your favorite weapons. Each themed pack contains a unique weapon camo, three targeting reticles (one each for the Reflex, EO Tech, and ACOG sights), and a custom player Calling Card. All that stuff comes as a set for 160 MS Points (£1.37 / €1.92 / $2.00), One notable example: the Bacon Personalization Pack (!) wraps your favorite weapon in the most delicious cured meat known to man.

Extra Slots Pack
This one’s for the players who requested even more loadouts and/or are fans of Theater Mode. You can now get 10 more Create-a-Class slots (giving you 20 total if you’ve gone all the way up to Prestige Master) and significantly expand your media storage, allowing you to archive 20 more emblems, 32 more films and 40 more screenshots for 160 MS Points (£1.37 / €1.92 / $2.00),.

Flags of the World Calling Card Packs
These packs include national flag-themed Calling Cards from countries around the world. Packs are divided by geographical region and costs 80 MS Points (£0.69 / €0.96 / €0.96), per region pack.