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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Planet Makeb Dev Diary

In the latest Dev Blog post, Bioware has given us some new details about an all new planet that’s coming with the release of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion; the Planet Makeb.

In the blog post they reveal some of the process that went into the design and concept of the planet. Apparently, Makeb is a beautiful world peppered by towering geological formations, but it has been ravaged by ecological disaster and is a hostile environment. The Hutt Cartel are the main antagonists on Makeb, and the story takes in a rare instance of the Republic overcoming the Empire.

Early on, we seized on the idea of a beautiful planet that’s being ravaged by ecological disasters. A place that would normally seem serene and welcoming, transformed into an environment that feels like it could fall out from under you at any second. With that goal in mind, we designed the entire planet to support the “disaster world” experience.

All of Makeb’s livable space is located on top of massive, towering stone mesas. This gives it a unique geography compared to our existing planets and provides for some breathtaking views, but it also begins to feel very precarious when a series of devastating “groundquakes” begin to strike. These beautiful stone mesas start to feel like death traps, constantly on the verge of collapsing into the seemingly-bottomless mists below. Entire cities are split in half, with massive fault lines torn directly across streets and through buildings.

But of course, having an entire world that seems bent on destroying the player isn’t nearly enough of a challenge…
The rest of the blog goes on to describe the kind of adversity you’ll face as a player on Makeb. It says that they plan to reveal more in the coming weeks as well.

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