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SimCity Update 1.4 Fixes Shard Selection And Server Problems

Maxis made it clear that SimCity will not be made offline. However, the online requirement was not the only reason that gamers were infuriated; the servers were also experiencing problems. To compensate the SimCity players, EA apologized and offered a free video game title to those that were affected.

The developers took a lot of steps to fix the problems, the most recent of which is the release of the Update 1.4 that is supposed to fix selection shards not being visible when some servers were down and also the problem where players would get stuck while switching shards in the server menus. Another addition is the ability for players to now view which servers they have cities on. Explaining further Maxis said:

“At the moment, it is going to be showing the icon for any server you’ve been to as a player. We’ll be updating this soon to show how many regions you have (X/10) per server. We know this is a little confusing for now, but we will improve.”

Maxis continues to address the problem, and the servers are said to be running 40 times faster according to a statement by General Manager, Lucy Bradshaw. The game despite its flaws is not that bad so if you can bear along with the DRM you might be pleasantly surprised.