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Mists of Pandaria: Patch 5.2 Brings Balances Across All Classes

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria’s latest Patch 5.2 brings a lot of balances and changes to some abilities for all the classes. Blizzard has laid down all the changes in a series of posts on

Unholy Death Knights now have their ‘quality of life’ improved. Both Strangulate and Asphyxiate now have their cooldowns reduced. Also a bunch of Blood-based attacks have been buffed.

Next up are Druids whose healing abilities have been buffed. The Wild Mushroom item has been redesigned to store healing spells and can be unleashed upon ‘blooming’.

Marksmanship abilities of the Hunters have been buffed and now do increased damage. Blizzard has also given a bit of boost to certain self-healing abilities.

Mages across all classes have received some tweaks with their abilities. They are now better balanced in power. Additionally, Blizzard has added a new Flameglow talent which is a passive defense ability that absorbs damage.

Damage for Frost Mages has been increased considerably for PvE, while Paladins’ Holy ability has been nerfed a bit to counter them being a bit too powerful in PvP. However, the Retribution ability has been given some minor buffs.

Both Discipline and Shadow trees for Priests have been tweaked to perform the same in both PvP and PvE.

Rogues and Shamans have had their abilities balanced to be more effective in PvP, and several PvE abilities including the Rogue’s Smoke Bomb ability now provide damage reduction.

Warlock’s pets have been given some love as well.

Finally, the Warrior, whose ‘Taste for Blood’ ability has been lessened a bit.

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