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Mass Effect 3: Citadel Achievements Guide

The latest add-on DLC pack for Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 has come out and features a new combat simulator as well as three new achievements.

These achievements are not pushovers; however, as one of them requires you to fight Spectre level enemies on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity difficulty, another asks you to earn 9,999 points in a round on Normal, Hardcore or Insanity difficulty and the final achievement requires players switch on Mirror Images.

The first two are hard to obtain but there is a small trick that will allow you to get them a bit easier. First of all, you’ll need to play through the Combat Simulator to unlock modifiers and enemy difficulty levels; this will allow you to fight Spectre level foes. Furthermore, the modifiers and multipliers will help you reach the 10k points needed.

Now the trick is most likely due to a technical error so it is a bit of a cheat. Thing is, you’re only supposed to be able to unlock the achievement is playing on any difficulty above easy.

However, what you can do is play the majority of the round on easy, and switch to normal, hardcore, or insanity just before you kill the last enemy of the round. Super Elites and Reapers with several negative modifiers will help out with reaching the point limit.

You can use this for both the achievements that require a particular difficulty level.