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Handyman Featured In Bioshock Infinite Teaser

If you’re hankering for more Bioshock Infinite then this should come as a bit of a breather. Irrational Games has just tweeted a picture of a Handyman from the floating city of Columbia (who looks ready to turn Booker into a gruff looking stain on the ground).

The picture (and tweet) comes as a teaser for a Bioshock Infinite commercial that’s coming soon:

The Handymen were shown in the previous Beast of America and City in the Sky trailers. Wonder what they’ll show us this time. Either way, Bioshock Infinite will be coming to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 26th, and that’s only a little more than two weeks away. The game made it into our Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of March 2013, and it’s hard to dispute.