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Halo 4’s Castle Map Pack DLC Release Date Revealed

Halo 4 is getting its third multiplayer expansion, the Castle Map Pack, and it’s expected to be released on April 8 for 800 Microsoft Points.

The news came today from Microsoft, also adding that the map brought in 9 new achievements, worth a total of 250 Gamerscore.

The Castle Map Pack is developed by Critical Affinity in collaboration with 343 Industries, the main creators of the game. The expansion pack will focus on large-scaled battles with vehicular combat across brand new maps.

There are three maps in the expansion, namely Daybreak, Outcast, and Perdition. The three maps portray entirely different atmospheres and landscapes. Daybreak features a grassy mountain range ideal for snipers; Outcast takes place in a desert terrain with tunnels and heavy vehicular battles, while Perdition portrays an urban environment with narrow routes and heavy on-foot fire exchange.

These three new maps will be added to the currently running Infinity Slayer, Big Team Objective, and Dominion playlists. There is also a new add-on in the DLC that features six-versus-six playlist focused on team-based and objective oriented goals.