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FIFA 14 Hinted to Incorporate New ‘Connected Features’

Lead producer of FIFA David Rutter has hinted new online connected features that will be added to the new FIFA 14 title.

Looking at how the new next-gen consoles are incorporating various social features, with Sony already revealing some of those features for their PlayStation 4; it’s only natural for EA to jump in the band-wagon.

When asked by What Culture if EA plans on making FIFA more ‘connected’, Rutter said:

“I’d argue we’re already there. For someone with a connected console you’re completely connected with the EA Sports Football Club component of the game now. Everything you do in the game counts towards your level, you can see what your mates have been up to.

“We’re delivering data updates on professional players and injecting challenges from real matches. You can download an App to keep track of your EASFC stuff, and manage your Ultimate Team too from the bus or workplace. You’re right – it’ll get even more like this in the next few years.”

Having said the connected features are going to take the game to a new level, Rutter reminded that the single-player experience will not be dropped down on their list.

“Narrative has played a big part over the last year or two in career mode. It’s something we’re keen to push forward as well.

“Seriously, there are a ton of people who still enjoy single player experiences. Career mode in particular remains a massive mode in FIFA and remains a big focus for us. I think this is because it’s an excellent experience, and also because it’s sometimes a major hassle hooking up with your mates online to play head to head or the people online are quitting/cheating/beating you up. We’re working on that too.”

FIFA 13 was released in September of last year and till December had already crossed 12 million sales. The game was a smashing success and is now available for purchase; or would you rather wait for FIFA 14 which is going to target the next-gen platforms?