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EVE Travel Featured In Dev Blog

Many people tend to dismiss EVE online as a space-age stock market simulator, but it seems that one player by the name of Mark726 has discovered a way to immerse himself in the EVE universe like few others.

Mark726 runs a website called EVE Travel, which is dedicated to finding and cataloging all of the noteworthy sites in the game. The website serves as a journal of his explorations through the stars, and also hosts the EVE Lore Survival Guide and the Nebula Backdrop project.

Usually flying around in his trusty Buzzard-class Covert Ops ship, called“Professor Science”, Mark726 setsout to discover locations, both centuries old and justcreatedrecently. Aslong as theyadd something noteworthy to the universe, chances are high that wewillsooner or later read an article on EVE Travel aboutthem.

It’s players like Mark726 who really make EVE Online sucha fascinating game to observe.

Source: CCP