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Ubisoft Focusing on Realism For Watch Dogs

Electric Theater had the opportunity to have a Q&A with Ubisoft Montreal developers and lead creative director Jonathan Morrin today. In the interview, Morrin had a lot to say about the focus of Watch Dogs and how realism is going to be important.

Realism is core to our game experience. Many games have car accidents, gunplay and explosions, but most of time I feel that the essential part is missing. For me, every real life incident comes with real human drama. So in Watch Dogs, you will feel the gravity of each situation you play. 

Just the idea of a game where the things you do actually matter is something gamers have been looking for.  More than a simple “Good or Evil” karma system or a pre-determined outcome based on how you react to a coin flip situation, things will happen in more real time.

Everyone involved in any event should matter. Everything you do as a player will have consequences on people’s lives. The media will talk about your approach to these events and it will have gameplay consequences. So when you play the game, you will have to consider people around you before you make a choice. 

Ubisoft is looking to make the hacking and cyberterrorism elements of the game grounded in reality as well. They’ve been consulting with experts in the cyberterrorism and security industries, and Morin explained that the developers’ intent is “not only to make sure we were still within the boundaries of ‘possible’ but also to be as precise and authentic regarding the use of technology and the people using it.”

Morrin, overall, wants to make sure that players feel the weight and seriousness in the story he’s telling and the game he’s creating.

“I have two mantras I use all the time with every director in the team to make sure we deliver our serious tone, the first one is, ‘Do you feel the gravity of this situation when you play it?’ The second one is, ‘Make it more Michael Mann and less Michael Bay.’ These [kinds] of statements always help [remind] ourselves who we are and what we are aspiring to achieve.”

Watch Dogs is gonna hit shelves this holiday season on Windows PC, PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox 360 and WiiU.

Source: Polygon