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New Karma “Coming Soon” to League of Legends

Riot Game’s lead content designer Ryan “Morello” Scott revealed that the company’s Multilayer Online Battle Arena game; League of Legends, will receive a redesigned version of Karma and that the update will be coming “pretty soon”.

Karma’s initial update will be a purely aesthetic change, which will feature a revamped outfit with floating fans and a new posture for the character. According to the senior artist Josh “Grumpy Monkey” Singh, the intention of the updated design is to show off “her status as a paragon of Ionia while appearing unique on the battlefield.”

Additionally, all players who own Karma prior to her launch, will receive her traditional character skin for free.

Associate creative designer Devon “RiotRunnan” Giehl added that future updates to the redesign will also offer to strengthen the connection between Karma’s back story and her battle tactics. Addition of a new move will allow her to “manifest her inner spirit and willpower as a powerful magical energy” and will serve as a symbol of her perseverance in face of the adversities that her native Ionia has endured.

While the developer has not revealed the exact date when this update will be released, expect them to address it in the future developer diaries before then.